Information Technology Consulting

Care provides a range of IT-related services, utilizing proven methodologies to achieve world-class results. Care's principals have over decades of collective IT experience and have served dozens of clients in a variety of industries by bringing "Best Practices" to the selection, development, and deployment of client solutions. These solutions have provided true bottom-line results and measurable benefits to our clients.

Care Consulting places great emphasis on assisting clients with high impact IT projects. Care prides itself on helping the client identify, construct, and implement IT initiatives.

Data Center solution and implementation

Simplify storage and data management while enabling business growth and innovation. As business technology continues to evolve, the volume of information available to businesses continues to grow exponentially. Across all industries, more information needs to be stored, managed, and used by the business to drive future decisions.

Care offers services that can help you address storage and data needs from end to end, including assessment, planning, design, implementation and management

CCTV Surveillance Solution

With the increasing threat to security, the need to visually monitor and record events in an organization's environment has become a matter of prima facie. A good CCTV system can make your business safer, more efficient and less prone to the thefts and accidents.

We do the consultation, integration and deployment of digital and analog video surveillance systems to help improve your security programs with surveillance solution that is specific to your business purpose. The service provides for a complete solution of data capture, storage and retrieval solution that helps safeguard people and the asset. With our surveillance solution you can go live over the internet or a closed network for surveillance which provides clearer and crisper images that could be tracked and manipulated easily.

MDVR Systems for vehicles (School buses)

MDVR is a functional Mobile Digital Video Recorder specially designed for vehicle video surveillance and remote monitoring. It has a high-speed processor and embedded operating system

With the best suited technologies for every possible solution, we ensure vehicles become safer for passengers, by constantly enabling the stakeholders to track them online. It not only helps passengers feel safer but also safeguards the owners' reputation by making sure their vehicles are not being misused. Even drivers benefit in case they run into trouble

PABX Telephones & Networking

A business telephone system is a multiline telephone system typically used in business environments, encompassing systems ranging from small key systems to large-scale private branch exchanges.Care has build a strong position in providing top quality Telephone system solutions since years.

Having integrated partnership with industry leading technology provider we can deploy solutions that help your business to achieve desired goals and provide a smooth migration path towards future technologies and services.

(LAN, MAN, and WAN) and audio and video distribution

Local-area network (LAN) switches are at the core of all networks, providing high-speed connectivity, applications, and communications systems. Today's networks not only need to efficiently and securely transmit bandwidth-intensive data, voice, video, and wireless applications, they also need to provide for evolving traffic patterns, new services, and optimized application performance.

Local, campus, metropolitan, and wide-area data networking

Connecting multiple company sites on a wide area network is now fundamental to doing business. Your communications infrastructure supports your business and effective working between employees, customers and is totally dependant on your network working effectively and efficiently. These days, for most businesses, network downtime is not an option; it isn't just disruptive, it can bring your business to a standstill. Care offers a full range of network infrastructure solutions, drawing on many years' experience of designing and implementing private VPNs, MPLS and DSL networks, to support some of the largest companies in UAE. Our approach to network integration focuses on ensuring that your infrastructure is resilient, secure and fit for purpose both for your immediate and future business requirements. Care works with organizations to understand what their core requirements are, then designs and implements adapted infrastructures that underpin these business needs. When designing a WAN solution, Care draw on the experience gained from supporting our existing client base. This has produced an array of flexible, yet structured and proven, technical architectures which can be combined to work within any combination of budget, resilience and performance parameters.

Annual Maintenance contracts for CCTV, Computers & Networking

You require CCTV that is fully operational and working 24/7, every day of the year. This is why we make it our priority to effectively maintain your CCTV system. This guarantees you get the maximum protection for your staff, visitors and premises.Closed Circuit TV systems, or CCTV for short, are one of the most important components of security and monitoring property, whether it's commercial or residential. The best systems will help you keep a close look on your property no matter what, offer the chance to record as well as to view live streams, and more. It's important to install the best possible system on your property, but it's also vital that you keep it working at optimum levels. And one of the big aspects of doing this is a complete regular CCTV maintenance.

Having regular CCTV maintenance servicing will improve the functionality and reliability of your system and is one of the many fire and security maintenance services we can provide to you.We maintain a wide variety of security camera systems for commercial and residential in UAE. Our service is flexible, reliable and competitive.

Complete range of Copper & Fiber Tools & Test Instruments

Fiber optics have been inspected and cleaned to ensure the proper passage of light. While fiber optics inspection and cleaning fiber connectors is not new, it is growing in importance as links with increasingly higher data rates are driving decreasingly small loss budgets. With less tolerance for overall light loss, the attenuation through adapters must be lower than ever before. This can be achieved by properly inspecting and cleaning fiber optic cables when they are installed or while making moves, or changes.

Care is the market leader in enterprise fiber optic testing equipment , with a wide range of field-tough fiber optic testers to inspect, clean, verify, certify, troubleshoot fiber optic networks.

We provide turnkey installation and service for the above solutions

In this fast paced business environment, information is the key to survival for any business. Timely and accurate information is what puts the companies at an advantage to compete on not only local but also global markets. To make this information available on demand most corporate are adopting IT and IS tools and staying connected has become a need rather than a luxury. We help our customers to embrace technology with out compromising on normal functions. Armed with a suite of pre designed & specially tailored and developed solutions right from software to email, to manage network solutions. With the help of Managed Network Solutions we let your business run rather than worry about the infrastructure. We also provide consultancy & turnkey service for almost any kind of telecom or IT requirements.

Design, consultancy and implementation of indoor and outdoor cabling Infrastructure

Data cabling forms the backbone of IT infrastructure. Good cabling solution can easily eliminate the poor network performance and downtime. Adherence to the industry standards ensures the security of your cabling system. From Cat5 to Cat6 and beyond we have the necessary skills and the engineers to install or upgrade your network. Care provides you full technical expertise in designing, integrating & maintenance of communication cabling thus providing a strong base for well-functioning infrastructure.

Care follows Structured Cabling design and installation that integrates the voice-data-video management systems of any building or campus — systems including safety alarms, security access and energy systems. It consists of open architecture, standardized set of cabling and connectivity products, standardized layout and connection interfaces. Adhering to national and international standards like the EN (European), the EIA (American), and the ISO (rest of the world) we ensure excellent quality of materials and service. Similar transmission types (analog or digital) and delivery methods (conduit, cable tray, raceway, etc.) support and protect the cabling environment. Standardized components like equipment rooms, telecommunication rooms, horizontal cabling and backbone cabling ensure high performance and uniform service..